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Our goal is to continually manufacture products that will be needed and trusted in any era.
A business with over 70 years experience in manufacturing outsole and insole materials for Japan-made shoes, our track record of providing materials and unique compounding technology has culminated in the development of insoles for medical use.
Now to go even further, we have concentrated all our knowledge and expertise into one to create the buntA brand.


Message from the President


Did you know that beach sandals (also known as flip flops or thongs) worn all over the world today were born in Nagata, Kobe, and raised in Hawaii?

This is because in 1951, just after the end of World War II, the technology to make rubber foam (to trap independent air bubbles) was invented in Nagata, Kobe.
This incredible fact has inspired us to continue this “Japan made” story.

Traditional Japanese footwear culture, such as straw shoes (Waraji) and sandals (Zouri), gave rise to the unique Japanese walking culture of “walking with the toes.”
It is said to promote improved blood flow from the feet to the rest of the body, and corrective exercises to support the body with one’s foot strength leads to strength and neuromuscular training.
Furthermore, stimulation of the proprioceptive senses of the foot sole can lead to greater activation of the brain.

It is precisely because we are now in the current era, 70 years since the birth of beach sandals and with people beginning to seek true health, that we have released our Waraji Sandals with the desire to contribute to the health of people all over the world, from the feet up to the entire body.

hakimono = footwear
shikimono = something to lay on the ground
tsukurimono = something made

buntA is a wonderful, independent, “made in Japan” foam rubber (AIR rubber) brand born in Nagata, Kobe, that develops sustainable, timeless, and wellness-promoting products.
We aim to expand the possibilities of AIR rubber through collaborations with various companies and creators, and to continue spreading the excellence of “Japan made” from Japan to the world.

CEO / Producer Buntaro Higashida


History of buntA


We were established in 1948, soon after World War II, in Nagata-ku, Kobe, the birthplace of the rubber industry in Japan.
Today, Nagata is known as a production center for fashion shoes, but its history began after the war as a major production center of rubber shoes, protecting the feet of Japanese people from the burnt-out areas all over Japan.

A major turning point in the company’s history came in 1951 with the invention of the independent foam rubber sponge.
With this invention, which greatly expanded the possibilities of rubber by making it lightweight, waterproof, and cushioning, Nagata grew to become one of Japan’s leading producers of rubber products and the largest footwear industry region in Japan.

In the midst of this history, through the production of rubber shoes, we have been providing materials for over 70 years as a manufacturer of outsole and insole materials for Japan-made shoes.


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